Video Production Services

Tenakee Films is a Seattle-based, independent video production company that works directly with nonprofits and mission-driven businesses to help share stories, services & products. 

We’re a passionate team of visual storytellers who use video production, photography & motion graphics to produce high-level marketing content for those building a better world!

Video Production

Our mission through video production is to produce documentary shorts and commercials that inspire donations and revenue for organizations & companies creating positive social and environmental impacts. 

Our video production team is personal, professional, and fun. We enjoy both collaborating and strategizing with internal marketing teams on bigger projects and campaigns as well as working independently on shorter pieces.


Photography services are offered both as stand alone projects or can be bundled with video production. Photos can be some of the most versatile marketing materials for you organization or business and can be repurposed for many years. Here are a few of our photography services. 

  • Editorial 

  • Fashion

  • Headshots

  • Lifestyle

  • Product 

  • Memes

  • Social Media Ads