Direct-to-Donor Engagement Videos

Direct-to-Donor videos are quickly becoming one of our most popular requests. As traditional email campaigns continue to show their effectiveness and peer-to-peer fundraising platforms gain momentum, the need for high quality & effective Direct-to-Donor video content has too. Bellow is an example of a well executed donor engagement/nurturing video series we produced with The Launch Pad Teen Center. Click here to learn more about all our services.

Easily incorporate Direct-to-Donor videos into your next fundraising campaign!


We produced over 20 videos in just 2 days to help build out The Launch Pad Teen Center’s fundraising campaign and donor retention/nurturing plan. These are “evergreen” videos that stay relevant for as many years as your mission and/or giving levels stay the same. 

integrate into fundraising platforms, newsletters, & emails. (sample -

Be sure to followup with a welcome video after donors choose their personal giving level!