Video Production Sponsorship

We understand that video production isn't always in the budget for new or smaller organizations working hard in our communities. There for, we've set aside a part of our year and resources to tell one special story annually that inspires and meets sponsorship criteria. We will provide the video production and you provide the story!  


You can apply by simply going to our Estimates page and begin filling out the information form. Select “Sponsorship Applicant” under budget information and click submit! Once we receive your application, one of us will get back to you within 5 business days to chat with you about your story and see if we can help!


Sponsorships can be granted to any organization employing no more than 3 full-time staff members and/or whose total annual operating budget does not exceed 500k. There are no deadlines and we archive all applications. If your project isn’t sponsored immediately, it can be considered in future years.